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LED Intelligent Street Light(YZPST-ZN-05)


Product parameters:

Model:YZPST-ZN-05                             Power:10W-120W

Lumen:1000LM-12000LM                     Voltage:110-220V

LED light source:Epistar                         Material:Iron

Protective: IP65                                           Current application:Disney park in Shanghai

Function and characteristics
1  LED saving street light
2  LED full color digital display
3  LED Digital signage
4  WIFI service
5  Security and protection monitoring
6  Emergency rechargeable
7  Emergency calling
8  Lightning protection device
9  Radio broadcast
10  Projection advertising and propaganda

Intelligent street lamp is a kind of integration of various information equipment technology innovation composite application of intelligent street lamp products, with intelligent lighting, wi-fi hotspots, emergency call, signs, lightning protection, security and road intelligent monitoring, LED full-color advertising, road surface projection advertising, broadcast, charging and other functions.

Product adopts modular structure design, customers can according to different needs and different applications, choose different function modules, end users, and its service to the client to provide better services and infrastructure.

Using carrier park lighting, develop and improve the added value of beautiful environment, advertising value, aesthetic value and social value, from the traditional, single street lamp, to set the fashion, multi-function technology in one city of beautiful bright scenery line, already bring huge advertising returns for investors, and beautify the appearance, the park add a beautiful beautiful scenery line for park, promote the development of the environmental public welfare undertakings!

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